After join

My website URL is:

I don’t have My website URL.
I like to make it here by your help

Is it possible to use your service with IP instead of a domain?

What I’m seeing is:

I have joined infinityFree just ago.
I like to know how to use it.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

I like to know what is next for using your service.

You can’t use IPs to host your website on free hosting. You can just make a subdomain if you don’t have a domain yet. To create an account, login to your Client Area and click on “Add Account”, then select whether to use a custom domain or a subdomain, enter your website name / domain name, and go to the next steps. After a while, you will get your account activated and can login to your Control Panel after agreeing to receive emails about promotions or not.

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I am afraid:
Where is the “Add Account” ?

From client area aka

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I opened the above.
There is no “add account” but “New Account” instead.

So I click “New Account”

“Create a Hosting Account” is shown.

  1. Choose a domain Name in blue back ground.
  2. Enter addtional information.
  3. Done.

In order to make, I type “dotKer” in “enter a free subdomian” input box.
Then, what is next?
I don’t know what to do because there is no submit, continue, or next button on the page.

You need to click on “Search” or whatever button it will be after typing your subdomain name and chose whether your subdomain will be hosted on the or domain to continue to the next step.

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I have downloaded filezilla and extracted.

Now Its location is /home/ker/Downloads/filezilla-3.46.0 in my Ubuntu.

Now what’s next?

What’s the Ubuntu version you have running? You need to install FileZilla on your system with these Terminal commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install filezilla

and then run it.


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