All in one wp migration error

did you upload sql backup? Updated wp-config.php database credentials?


This is what I see


Make sure you have valid SSL cert


I am using a Self Signed Certificate which is compatible with cloudflare and has a validity of 10 years

Can you show your Cloudflare SSL setup?

Please note that your domain name is not using Cloudflare right now. You’re still free to use a self signed certificate, but browsers will show a warning because the certificate cannot be validated.


Why its not using Cloudflare? I had integrated it in way that uses Cloudflare

This is what I see

Do not mix nameservers


When I checked your domain, it was only using our nameservers, not those from Cloudflare. If that’s the case, you can configure whatever you want on Cloudflare’s side, but it will not have any effect on your domain name, because no traffic is routed there.

If you want to use Cloudflare on your domain, you need to remove our nameservers and add those provided by Cloudflare.


I had removed infinityfree nameservers 24 hours ago but still my domain is not working

Now, I don’t see any nameservers on your domain.

If you use our Domain Checker, you’ll see it’s using and You can confirm it with a third party nameserver checker if you want. I just checked it by and and it’s correct.

If Freenom’s settings show something else, that’s an issue with Freenom. We cannot help you with that.


Okay, thanks I’ll check with freenom

But I’ve a Subdomain which is working perfectly fine, and if there’s issue from Freenom then this subdomain should also not work

Oh, but your website is working perfectly fine. It’s using our nameservers, which is the easiest way to link a domain name to our hosting. If you were to use HTTP instead of HTTPS on your main domain, or install a valid SSL certificate to your account, your base domain would work too!

But your domain is not using Cloudflare right now. So if that’s what you want, and Freenom doesn’t let you change the nameservers to do that, you need to figure that out with Freenom.


Now, I had installed GoGetSSL certificate on my domain in infinityfree. Do I need to update the same in Cloudflare??
Here are some screenshots of certificates installed on infinityfree and on cloudflare:

(This is a GOGETSSL certificate which is issued from client area in infinityfree)

(This is edge certificate installed on cloudflare, which is a Self Signed certificate also issued from infinityfree’s client area)
And my domain would use infinityfree nameservers or cloudflare nameserver?

Here’s the current DNS settings of cloudflare:

You don’t need GoGetSSL. Just install the self signed in InfinityFree control panel!


Please note that the private key is called private for a reason. Anyone who knows your private key can hack your users information.


We have a guide about how to set up SSL with Cloudflare. Maybe you could try this first?


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