All web pages return http 500 not sure why

Well you have made no progress in tracing my traffic error to my app. As I explained yesterday to you my ISP reset my router whilst it was broadcasting which allowed the network traffic to be cut locally my App , which detected the loss of network on all traffic. Therefore the fault is not local to me or our devices The app supplier is of the normal opinion if all this worked before where is the change ?

Edwin a hard error stop was introduced into the add file to create an error reaching down the web to our device. This should report back 500 error anyone using the URL to add a track .

Admin the same Microsoft Defender has been run throughout its firewall defected the app and added a route through it when the app was installed. After disabling FTP of image upload which functioned .I sent 12 hours of use of my site up to your site yesterday and it is not apparent anything like an error came back .

I asked you to check activity on my site to see if this error was evident which you have not provided latency rose on the tracert on a cloud server to your location from 94s to over 250ms which is a lot when you consider it should be 8ms and is indicative of a cisco router fault.

As I explained this just gives TimeOut error from my device which you stated was because you cannot ping an infinity website. I really do not see how you can fault find your network perhaps you could advise how these faults and errors is monitored?

You state your network is acting under how it was designed. Are you suggesting you have turned off this communication from my device and for what purpose that was done ? I asked you to note you said you had not blocked it . Why was then there after you stating it was my code when yo new full well it was your newly placed filter I presume you are the other company indicated on my legal email to infinity?

Furthermore if its working as it should by designed! what happened 28th November 2022 when you seem to be stating in round about way you placed a filter to block my device traffic from anything other than a browser. Have you not then been wasting my time being compromised with the truth in this matter rather than direct and easily to understand? Your indicated reason for this failure Ensuring only web browsers can access your website allegedly came in 1st of August 2022 so then why did this not effect any service until 28th Novembers 2022 . I fact you are well i was coding through this on my site and on your forum . You seem to have deprived me of this information from the start wasting my recourses . Is this now an webhost company such as IONIS should operate to wards its customers? f as you have the reason above . Can you inform me how FTP packages get through this as clearly they are not browsers either . It does not seem reasonable or genuine what you are suggesting then and more likely you have placed a filter to block this access with this filter whilst informing me how to ensure my code worked properly.

@Admin can you please inform me what your ‘filter’ Ensuring only web browsers can access your website looks for to determine if its a browser as this might be missing from my software that’s browser sends out to you ?

As clearly described in the article, it tries to set a cookie through JavaScript which would require that your “browser” supports JavaScript and can store cookies. Then it tests to see whether the cookie was actually set (through JavaScript) and tries to redo the process (setting the cookie through JavaScript) if it cannot detect that the cookie was set.


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according to, Server error (500 error) - #10 by KangJL
Try to access page with http.

Admin: The easiest way is to just not specify the full URL and just let the browser auto-complete it.

Edwin and Admin,

I just spoke to Application supplier they said infinityfree.nnet is the only site implementing this alone Why would you do this then that places part off your customers unable to use SQL services ?

I’m watching this forums. And still talk about your topic.
I’m curious this css.
What the hell in the world. When we pointing on the object it halfing rolling down.

When you say all page return 500. I though this css make all page return 1000.
Just comment plz. If it doesn’t have relations to topics.

Yes, I know it’s an unusual system. Even on our platform, it’s only active on free hosting, premium hosting doesn’t have it. But it’s a necessity for the sustainability of our free hosting, so we’re not going to remove it. If this breaks you site, then I’m sorry, but your use case won’t work on our hosting.

You can use our SQL services without any problem! The only thing you can’t do is use external tools to automatically submit data to it.

Hypothetically, you could even make it work by reversing the data stream. So instead of your radio app pushing data to your website, your website could fetch the data from the radio app. Perhaps with an intermediary service that stores the track data, like an RSS feed. But that’s not exactly straight forward.


Yes but this is not true your site will not connect to SQL with anything other than a browser that can understand Javascript write a silly redundant not allowed because of tracking by most people file that can be read.

This was not implemented when it was working when I signed up with IONIS not I have been told my legal asked IONIS to move my site to them as yours does not function here and you have placed block in my communications without any reason to do this while you was pretending to help me in the background. my data is being illegally diverted . I have repeated sked you were but you have not been forthcoming with a proper answer . oh I will ask you plainly as my legal put it .

@Admin ADMIN Who instructed your to place this block on my communications 28th November 2022


For the last time, we did not place a communication block on your account.

And if you want to believe that we did, fine. Note that making such a block (If we did decide to take the time to figure out how to do that) could easily be circumvented by you creating a new account, and would be completely allowed within our terms.


Yes you did at otherwise it would still be reaching your site as it was fully working as a testament to the data in the database 27th November 2022 and before which I am aware as working for you can see in my [epiz_33087480__song_history]>>played_songs . How else did the data get there ? Sighs

infact the last entry is 2022-12-05 15:28:57 Surround Me with Your Love Blank & Jones with Coralie Clément Milchbar - Seaside Season 6 03:15 104 Dance & DJ 0 0 0 Amazon&#46com Song ID&#58 which is just before after placed this block in my data reaching your site as there was no further data entered. Regardless of the actual date which is pedantic you placed this lock in place now stop being untruthful.

Now kindly provide this whole thread to my email account so that I can provide it to my legal for determination on whether they will sue for breach of contract and misuse of our personal data which you are in breach of Information Act in processing my data and not informing me how your are processing it . You are aware as a citizen I have a right under international GDPR law to verify this data you hold is correct . I have repeatedly ask you where you are sending it as it is not reporting any error and is not placing data in my SQL services.

Please provide your SERVICE address on same email containing this entire thread as printed pdf

I ask that you familiarize yourself with our terms, including section 18, 19, 20, 26 and 34.

You are legally bound to these terms, and agreed to them, in full, when you created your account.

If you want a copy of this thread, you will have to make it yourself, nobody is going to do that for you.

Additionally, as said previously, the General Data Protections Act (GDPR) only relates to personally identifiable information (PII). System logs are not personal information, and are not covered under GDPR.

As shown in the terms you are legally bound to, you have no right to use our service, we simply offer it to you for however long we want. We are within our full legal rights to stop service of any part of whole of your account without previous notice or repercussions.

Additionally, threats are not allowed on this forum. Legal action should be discussed privately, not publicly. Future threats against InfinityFree, forum users, or other applicants as covered by the terms may result in the termination of your forum account, and suspension of your client area account (Once again, we can do this, it is fully without our rights as outlined in the terms).

You can find the terms as Terms of Service - InfinityFree


Are you refusing to provide this non printable message page consisting of 165 thread called ’ All web pages return http 500 not sure why’?

If you recall i signed up with IONIS and am an IONIS customer your terms therefore are only enforceable to your agent IONIS who I signed contract services with as you are aware.

Please provide your SERVICE address on same email containing this entire thread as printed pdf

Since you are using this forum, and have your website hosted with InfinityFree, you have an account at, and therefore agree to our terms.

Additionally, you have an domain, which is only available through InfinityFree, and you must agree to our terms in order to create it.

While you may have an Ionos account and be bound to their terms, you also have an InfinityFree account, and are therefore also bound by the InfinityFree Terms of Service.

These terms can be found at Terms of Service - InfinityFree


Then can you explain what connection you have to IONIS as I am not threatening you but explaining clearly what I am going to do should you not be able to resolve this amicably . I don’t think you have been reasonable at all pretending to help me recode my site to your new use of SQL all along deciding to block my access to your SQL services when they was in place working is not what I feel is reasonable. And please do not disagree on this word “block” the database resource clearly shows when this block was put in place and cannot be disputed . it is also note the date inferred by your @admin Ensuring only web browsers can access your website which it is stated clearly upon it [Aug '21] I also to note your terms [Terms of Service - InfinityFree] do not under any section give you the right to interfere with my communication directly to my website something is manifestly obvious which has been done to me. As you are then breaching these terms as it is not clearly outlined you will do this can you please indicate when your terms will be rewritten or this block on my service removed.


  1. We are not interfering with the connection. We have told you this multiple times.

  2. As outlined in the terms, we have the ability to refuse service to any part or whole of your account. So even if we were interfering with the connection, that would just be refusing access to a part of the service, which we are allowed to do.

database resource clearly shows when this block was put in place and cannot be disputed

It does? If you can provide this evidence that supports that there is a block, maybe we can remove it. Because right now, there is no evidence that suggests a block. Everything points to your code being incorrect.


Right well every record in that data file has a date stamp on it and no more was entered as so as you or third party decided to stop it . I have already informed you we have an email which evidences this block from our website URL in place put in place by Cisco Router filter as part of COPP as discussed by another network company who diagnosed why our website URL was not getting to our website this had been explained multiple times to which you are probably Infinity Free Limited [ 13619843] and wholly ignored. I even provide tracerts for you which you seemed more concerned with the fact that you said websites cannot be traced or pinged instead of understanding the network information was being provided to you in regard to [ 07951746], Perhaps as you have explained has done this you should be contacting [email protected] and asking them to remove this filter tampering with your customers communications it as it was not something sanctioned by

You should note ‘Filter’ is defined by

  1. a piece of software that processes data before passing it to another application, for example to reformat characters or to remove unwanted types of material.
  2. move slowly in a specified direction.

As you or them are therefore removing parts of my personal data and moving it of in a specified direction which is not my website URL and it is clear personal data is being rerouted with out my permission to undisclosed address for data processing. I have repeatedly asked you where this data is being routed too . Something you are remiss in providing us


If you put a timestamp column on your table, then it would show when/if something stopped working. However, if your code malfunctioned (which seems the most likely to me), then there would be no more timestamps from the time it began malfunctioning.

What would another network company know about our servers? iFastNet has not publicized what infrastructure they use, so it could be Cisco, but it is most likely something in the chain between you and the servers.

Nope, as seen in our Terms, and in the footer of every page on, we are InfinityFree. NL Chamber of Commerce Number 82523878. I don’t know where you got “Infinity Free Limited 13619843”, but that is not correct (AFAIK).

Correct, you did provide output from tracert; and correct, it did get lost at some point. We tried to tell you that our network infrastructure is set up to block pings and tracerts on the ICMP protocol, but accept web requests over the HTTP and HTTPS through TCP/IP protocol. You are just trying to be right, but failing at different places (for example, what I just discussed).

You can ask iFastNet to remove this “filter” (I use that in parentheses because it is not actually, going off of both your definition and the definition from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary), but they will most certainly deny your request, because this “filter” is supposed to prevent bots from accessing your site as explained here, but the way it goes about doing that is not in the manner of the word and definition “filter” that you used and Oxford ALD defines.

Nowhere can I find this as a definition for the word “filter” (searched in Oxford ALD, Merriam-Webster, and

OK, let’s start.

  1. Can you provide a detailed description of exactly how our “filter” is intercepting and rerouting your data?
  2. You say “Personal data” a lot. What is the PII your are collecting (e.g., names, phone numbers, addresses)? Here’s an article from the US Department of Homeland Security explaining what PII is in the US: What is Personally Identifiable Information? | Homeland Security ( and one from the GDPR website under (the official European Commission website) What personal data is considered sensitive? (

I personally don’t know, and I’m not sure anyone else here does (it is out of our scope). Maybe you know, maybe your network administrator knows, maybe your ISP knows, maybe someone at iFastNet knows, but that’s not any of us (the Moderators, Admin, any Leader, myself, or any other user of this service). I’m sorry we can’t give you a straight answer.

As a conclusion, I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but it is hard to keep everyone happy at all times. We do want to help you, but that is hard when you provide us conflicting information, incomplete results, theories with no evidence, etc. Even if no one else here wants to help you, I will, but you’ll need to provide correct information. And with regard to right of refusal of service, we can refuse your service any time we feel appropriate, and you can too; if you request deletion of your client area profile, and immediately discontinue your use of any one and all of our Services (under the domain or any other domain we own), you have effectively refused our service until all of your data is deleted from the service (then you will have fully refused our service, if I understand how right of refusal of service works). Please consult the Terms, though, to see if what I have said is accurate.

Thank you for using this service.


@anon14276620 Don’t you think to choose an alternatives way on writing data. If your writing route has been filtered.
I though there many an alternating way to write data on website.