Autorefresh redirect problem

I have an autorefresh set at 10 seconds to refresh images that are hosted at my own server. The page loads fine for the first few refeshes however on the third or fourth refresh it redirects to a Google support page. There is no reference to this page anywhere in my very simple html code.

Why is this happening?

Can u share the site URL

No issue from what I see.

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Thank you for checking. I however get the problem on various platforms and connections. It can take up to ten refreshes.

Could it be infinityfree don’t like the autorefresh and redirect to a random page like Google, why not? The issue must be server side. Someone must know?

I used a few minutes of my time to check this out and allowed it to refresh 11 times, no Google page shows up.

  1. Clear your cache
  2. NEVER allow security cameras to be public. That is not a good idea.
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Clearing my cache was the first thing I did. I have had someone else have the same result. Same Google page. It is very odd. Thank you for your concern. My cameras are encrypted. Only the low resolution snapshot is public, which I can revoke easily at any time.

Thanks all for your time and input. The issue has apparently resolved itself. After some investigation I discovered one of the infinity free servers was redirecting traffic to a Google help page about cookies. One of the infinity team doing a bit of research and made a whoopsie perhaps? Anyhow, all is well now.

Further, @Greenreader9 my aim was to make a very lightweight way to check my cameras on even an extremely limited device / resources. That said your suggestion to make even the snapshots more secure would be prudent especially now I have published my server links. Cheers. Have a nice weekend.

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Easy way to do that is just to use the directory privacy feature in the control panel. It’s quite easy is is secure!

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Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Not a problem, glad I could help!

The Google cookie page is related to this security system:

Normally, you would see this if your browser doesn’t properly store cookies. Maybe this is the case with you too? But perhaps your auto refresh script is confusing the checker and thinks the repeated hits are caused by our Javascript challenge, and does this to prevent your site from going into an infinite redirect.


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