Back online and then down again

i get the site temporaroty Suspended again after getting the back onliine message . I’n chrying And mad i can’t remove my site from your service if i can’t get access to the panel to do so . I would like to speak to an admin as you’ve gone to far. Just remove my website from your server and delete my account I’m done with you.

Ps. whit have a done to you?

After the account is un-suspended, you can remove the domain from the vPanel and then proceed to delete your hosting account. After the 60 days the data will be permanently removed. During this period you can use the domain elsewhere!

This is free hosting (forum support), not your paid hosting support. If you want that, go buy yourself a paid plan!

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Ive seen that also my 2 domains hosted on InfinityFree were attacked with a high rate of ddos detected on cloudflare. Sorry to hear that your site is down. Infinityfree is using iFastNet servers to resell for people, ifastnet usually suffer daily ddos attacks. You should wait another 24 hours. I recommend you the next:

  1. Changing the domain so hackers cant ddos your site again
  2. Activating cloudflare with everything setup at at maximum level (I recommend you setting a captcha for every visitator using firewall rules)
  3. Use aggresive caching and block countries like China, india, and other countries that ddos attack occur
  4. Consider migating every ddos attack. There are a lot of github projects that could help you using php and javascript

What it says on the tin: sent too much traffic to our servers.

Just have patience and it will be deleted automatically.

You can’t mitigate a DDoS attack with PHP and Javascript. The issue is that the site is getting too many hits. By the time any PHP or Javascript code is getting executed, the hit has already been recorded.


It will say it’s been un-suspended and then be block again it’s going into some loop and it’s not stoping . It’s going to keep to this and it will not still . I don’t no how to fix this problem and don’t read well . I wish someone would help me by phone just this one time . That’s all i’m asking

Ive sent you some emails have you read them?

Use Cloudflare. You can begin it’s setup while your site is down.

Please remember that this is free hosting. You are not paying anything. If you are willing to pay me, I might be willing to call you. All the help you will need is avalible here, you just need to read, than follow our advice. If you are stuck, that’s ok! Just reply to the forum, and be sure to tell us what you are stuck on.

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