My site is blacklisted. How to solve?

Depends on where it is blacklisted and why (phishing, malware, spam, etc.).

if it’s on Google (most browsers use that) :

  1. Clean up your site if have been infected with some badware

  2. Request a review (best way) in your Google Webmaster Tools (GSC) dashboard
    (one review request every 30 days - so make sure your site is healthy and secure).


Site Issue

Timeout reached
How to solve

Says who or what?


Dear admin please solve my site issue

What’s in the screenshot? What am I looking at here? All I see is a logo, a partial domain name and a vague error message, none of which tell me much.


This resulted when I checked my url in sucuri website.

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My 3 subdomains are in Blacklisted


Please contact Norton and ask them to think again !
We have repeatedly seen false positive from them.

Norton seems to have decided to blacklist everything on *

A few words from InfinityFree that may be useful

Unlikely these virus scanning companies, we actually scan websites for malicious activity not just by looking at the publicly visible pages, but also by scanning the files in your account. That way, we can find things which are completely impossible to detect by external scanners, but may be much more harmful than anything they could identify.

Virus scanners are good, but not perfect.


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