Blocker - Website redirected to suspended-website

My website is getting redirect to

  • I have checked that the status is ACTIVE and their is no history of deactivation.
  • I have not recently made any changes to the DNS.
  • I have tried clearing my browser cache.
  • I have checked from my mobile network.

Please HELP.

it seems all of free hosts and paid hosts are getting this issue. probably something on infinityfree’s or ifastnet’s side.
all we can do for now is just sit, wait, and watch.

Same issue here… web site ends at is redirected to “”
My account is active.

It was hacked the Infinityfree???

Not hacked, but attacked. Your website should be working now.

Your website was not suspended. You can see your account status in the client area. If it says your account is active, it’s not suspended.

This issue was caused by a system outage, not an attack. The details are in this topic:

Has this system outage been resolved yet? My site still doesn’t work, but I don’t know where to check for the status of system outages.

From what I can see, some users are still experiencing issues. This forum is the best place to check for status updates.

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You can check the status by looking at the official announcement. Which, as you can see by the title, was resolved.

If your account is still active and redirecting to, please say so in the announcement.