I made some bookmarklets for people to try out and i got 3 suspended accounts, again…

What am i doing wrong?

Ah, what??? What do these things do?

Can you check your client area and see what was the reason for the suspension?

I made little tools such as a page editor. The page editor lets you edit text (Not visible for everyone) when you click the bookmark.

Oh, so that’s what they are called! If you get unsuspected, I would love to test them out! See @alexvf’s post above.

I was just about to transfer to GitHub Pages. But you can check them out if you want.

Also im getting unsuspended. So that was prob an error/mistake. lol

Got suspended for abuse again.


Hm, maybe you can’t host those kinds of scripts here?

I see nothing wrong with it, I might see why in a different angle.
I might just host the bookmarklets in GitHub Pages instead since it might be a problem for some users.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting.

It appears your website was incorrectly detected as abuse by our anti fraud systems.

We have reactivated your account, apologies for the inconvenience.

You may continue to use your free hosting account now.

Please allow 10 minutes for account to be online and log out of your cPanel.

It sounds like you are good now? Could you share the link for the bookmarklets too please?

i will update you with a github pages link since the website is suspended.

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admin deleted my bookmarklets file. i will remake it in github pages.

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