Can connect to site, but my friends cant

Username epiz_32614873 /

My friends cannot connect to the website, but I can, what is the issue since I get a 522 error?

Error Message

Connection timed out
Error code 522
Visit for more information
2022-09-18 17:16:54 UTC

Browser Working

Cloudflare Working
Host Error

Cloudflare Ray ID: 74cbbaabdd52ca6c

Other Information

No other information needed :slight_smile:

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

It could be due to this.

If not, I cannot help further as I have never used Cloudflare.

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Well for me it shows the actual page (WordPress) and not some kind of advertisement page
for my friends, it’s just a Cloudflare 522 Error :frowning:

But still thanks for your help!

I searched up the error code 522 and it tells me “connection timed out”.


I didn’t notice that the IP changed from to


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No problem!

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