Can I mass upload videos on my server?

So I was asking my self what is the best way to store videos that get uploaded by my website, My question is : where to save them ? I saw many times people saying I can save them on my server in a folder called “videos” or something but is it really the best way to do it ? And if there is another way to do it what is it ? (3rd parties are OK if the prices are not high…). Thank you.

Video sharing scripts are forbidden on free hosting (and on Premium Hosting either) because it uses a massive amount of bandwidth. So, if you’re using one, please remove it immediately.

I am not, not yet at least. But what you are telling me is that I can’t make my users upload there videos only if I had MY own server ? not even premium servers (not on this site but others too) ?

If you had your own servers (or a VPS), I suggest your users upload their videos in the videos/ folder. On free hosting and Premium Hosting we prohibit users from using video sharing scripts because of the excessive use of bandwidth and disk space they use.

I understand what you are saying about the bandwidth, but I don’t know what to do, I don’t have a server.And can’t really afford a server.So am looking for a solution.

I never have done something as large as this so I don’t know where to save all the data, since I can’t really use a database here …

You could consider using something like YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos.


Yeah I saw the youyube api, and for the moment I think it’s the best one to go for. Vimeo is not free and I hate the player.

For youtube there is only 1 probleme (well I am not sure but…) is that there is no way to secure private videos, even if they are private once the link isleaked then it’s all lost. (My website will include free videos as well as Payed ones, free videos are on private so you can’t access them from youyube directly only by using my website. But for the premium ones there is no more security).

Storage space and network connections are not free, and video uploading sites take a lot of both. Nobody is going to give that away to anyone just like that, everyone who provides video space wants to be compensated in some way. Some parties want to be compensated through money, others through advertisements.

Video hosting is expensive. Lack of money on your end is not going to change that.

Your paid video site sounds like it could potentially be self sustaining financially, but it sounds like you’re going to need a startup investment to get going.


You are right, my website is supposed to be able to be self sustaining financially from the get-go, but the problem is that I need a base and a lot of money (Which I have like 0$… + Am 19years old). So I switched My objective from building this website to making a passive income to cover for the hosting servers. Thank you a lot ! These answers made it clear for me what to do.

There are many cheap options to host a website from via a VPS. I think I’ve seen some as cheap as $7.99/month, but you’ll probably want to spend a bit more (not a lot) to get high bandwidth or unlimited, then what I do is make sure everything is secure and use XAMPP or something similar to host the website.

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