Can I return to my server website?

That’s the case, when it was repaired in August. I found that my server was deleted somehow. When I see that the server is under maintenance, I wait for the server to be repaired. But after repairing it, I found that the website configuration files in the server were all clean. And there is no wordpress website built by myself, but the website can still be accessed normally. Can you return my server to me? I don’t want to re-establish, server account: epiz_28624410
Server domain name:

I’m not sure what you mean by your server being deleted.

There was an outage on the server your website was hosting in August, but this did not involve any data loss. Your account was also suspended for a day, but suspensions also just lock your account in place and don’t modify the contents.

We did have two outages with data loss back in June, but your account was not affected by this.

Your website seems to be working fine from here, and your website is built on WordPress, which is also what’s installed on your account.

All in all I’m quite confused as to what data you suppose is lost. Your website seems to be working well in the way that you (presumably) set it up.

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  1. You don’t have your own server, it is shared between over a hundred accounts.

  2. I am getting a Cloudflare error, so you may want to check your settings over there.

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