Can I use the original management system to update the website


My account has been upgraded to ifastnet.
In infinity, I have already used the cPanel management system and updated the website with WordPress software.
Now, the account is upgraded, my website is hosted to ifastnet.
However, in the cPanel of ifastnet, it is brand new without my settings.
I don’t want to reset it. I’ve forgotten what I set up, It’s very troublesome.
So, can I continue to update the website with WordPress software in infinity’s cPanel management system?

Please ask this question on, they will be able to provide the answer that I cannot.


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Like @Greenreader9 said, please do that. Alternatively, you can follow this guide :-

I’m sorry, but no. The free hosting and premium hosting system is completely separate. iFastNet can move your site from free hosting to premium hosting, but that’s it. The free hosting panel cannot be used to manage a premium account.


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