Can you please install the listed to my server

I have installed clipbucket on my server but it requires the following things to to work and encode/decode the video–

MySQL v5.6,5.7 (major)
PHP v7.0 (major)

Support team,
could you please get them installed on my website -


Website for

Don’t worry I wont be eating up your space I will upload my videos to openload and then will just embed them on my site

We have Apache, MySQL 5.6 and PHP 7.3 on the server, but not these things, and we can’t install them because doing so we could cause hackers to enter into our system and try to abuse our service. You can’t host video scripts on free hosting, and if there is one, it should be deleted immediately.

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Sir i am not violating your policies as i am not using up your space by uploading videos but instead i am uploading my videos to openload and then streaming those on my site.
and the hacker thing… if it’s so then ahhhh! nothing can’t be done.
ok thanks

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We don’t allow video sharing sites on our hosting. So yes, you are violating our policies.

Why do our policies prohibit video sharing sites even if the video files are not stored on our servers? Because uploading videos through a server generates as much, or even more, server load than uploading a video to a server. Media transcoding takes lots of CPU (or, ideally, GPU) power to do so, and a few people processing a few movies could destroy the server performance and cause problems for the many sites we host on a server. We simply cannot let you use so much server power for free.

And that’s ignoring the bandwidth costs of uploading all those videos through our network.

And finally:

OpenLoad is a movie and TV piracy site. We don’t allow piracy sites on our hosting. That’s not just storing the pirated content on our servers, but also those which support piracy, for example by offering links to pirated content or helping people commit piracy.

So even if you’re not storing the videos on our servers, you’re still violating many of our policies (including the ones which say you’re not allowed to do anything illegal - because you are doing illegal things).


Huum if its so
then I have moved to an another script and will only embed videos.
and will switch to something better than openload
however openload is used for piracy but it is now actually a piracy site.
use it fair and it becomes fair :slight_smile:

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When I search the web for openload, I only see websites with exotic domain extensions (which typically have less strict anti abuse policies), and home pages filled with AAA Hollywood titles to be streamed for free. While OpenLoad may not be used exclusively to pirate movies and TV shows, it’s abundantly clear that it’s the primary purpose of these sites.

Please do remember that we do not allow movie piracy sites of any kind. Even if the pirated movies never touch our servers, if we find your website is being used to support or promote movie piracy, we will take it down. Movie piracy is illegal and any site found to facilitate this will be terminated without question or chance of reactivation.


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