Cannot access https resources

I cannot access external resources over https, its been working for over a year but now isn’t. I did some tests and accessing resources over https doesn’t return anything.

What is your website domain/url?


Kindly tell us the URL so we can check


Any, for example these don’t work.

If your talking about issues on your home/work network, we cannot help you, this is a hosting forum, and you have posted in hosting support, for support on our hosting.

No, its on infinityfree. Everything works fine when I run it local. My site is,

Have you setup ssl on your site?

No, but it was working. So if that is the case the default would have had to have been changed within the last few weeks.

Sorry, I’m very confused, to have ssl on your website, you have to install ssl on your website, it may of been a glitch?

Hey! It’s infinity subdomain, so you can’t install SSL from acme client.
Reach out to me in private I will generate a SSL for you if you need.

I’m a bit confused, why do I need to set up SSL to access resources. All I am doing it literally file_get_contents in php with a https resources. It works for http and I haven’t had any issues in https until now.

Really confusing problem. Maybe browser security might be disabling you!
That’s why secure your website first in troubleshooting.

There are some issues with OpenSSL on free hosting right now, which cause encrypted connections from PHP code to other systems to fail.

This topic has more information about it:

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