Cannot access my webmail

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: webmail error


Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator.

I’m using this software: cpanel (on internet)

**Additional information: web browser


I need to get my webmail working again fast. I have only 90 days free SSL trial to use.

iFastNet needs to fix the database for Roundcube Webmail. So you need to wait a while until iFastNet fixes it.

Okay but problem number 2.

When I sending email from the webmail, all mails going to spam folders on Gmail.
Why? I have pushed many times Not Spam, but still it only goes to spam folder.

What is the problem?

You could test with a service like if your emails are likely to go in the Spam or not.

Doesn’t work. I cannot even get any emails. I tried to send mail from my gmail to my webmail but the mail doesn’t show up. What is wrong here?

Your domain has Cloudflare integration on, which breaks subdomains and MX records, and another nameserver over our ones. Please remove the other nameserver and disable the Cloudflare integration to receive emails.

Thats why I don’t receive emails.
I will not disable it because then I don’t have any SSL for my website.


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