Cannot access webpage

Trying to access my webpage, but ends up no sponsors… whats the problem?

Are you sure you haven’t removed it from cpanel? If that exists on addon domains. Remove it. Then add it again.

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do not think i can remove the domain…

Because it is working now. No need to remove.

Try to clear your cache or refresh your dns cache.

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it sometimes works mostly doesnt.

But for me i don not see this effect. Would you try these to see if that happens again or not?

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well… i will observe the effect currently it works on tor but will see if it down again… but still dont work on chrome

That’s Weird enough. Because i can easily access it from every device and every browser:

from Opera Browser

from Google Chrome

Doesn’t that even work on another browsers?

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currently it does but at the moment i post it it doesnt i will observe the downtime again

hmm… down again! lets try on firefox now. after refreshing the page firefox no longer works…

Judging by this topic, I suspect there might be an issue with one of the regional nameservers again:

Can you please make a traceroute from your device to and share the results here?

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currently the page works fine and i have did a traceroute (tracert) as you ordered @Admin

and i will look out for the web. when it down again i will do another tracert.
and hope this is useful!

sorry i cant find a page that only shows infinityfree… i know this might happen so i used a uptime robot just in case

Hmm, it looks like some data is missing from there. The traceroute should include a host which ends with, which indicates which regional entrypoint is accessed from your network. Maybe using tracert from the Windows command line works better?

That said, if it works fine now, it may be that the issue has already been identified and fixed.


alright @Admin hopefully it will stay in the future! and if it down again i will open another thread then!

and this is what you expected to see? alright still another @Admin fixed my webpage from goinf down! im always your happy customer

Yep, that’s exactly the results I was hoping to see. As you can see here, the connection goes through LAX means your requests are going to the Los Angeles location.


think its down again…

That’s really all you see in the traceroute? No results past hop number 3?

If you can’t even see the hops of your own network, then that could indicate a network problem on your end, rather than an issue with the nameservers.

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Hi, I have the same issue with

Hope this can be fixed.

So could you please make a traceroute to then?

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