Cannot Get Medical PDF file to open on website for our Humanitarian team and very important it does!

Hello I am proudly using InfinityFree currently with the free version of something called “Website X5 - Free 14” version to build the website. (My team is medical so we are certainly computer-stupid)

But we have at least started our website up and running so that’s great but now we have these medical health files for communities for local people to download directly from our website page we saved them as PDF files

We were able to get into “Online File Manager” and upload it directly under /htdocs and it is called “Community Leader Free Resources.PDF” and now on our specific website page we want this free PDF file to open at if you go to it you see my code which I thought was correct but nothing happens (no click link)

Here is the exact code I typed on that webpage:

Click here for the pdf file called Community Leaders Free Resources.

We really want this to open for folks we work with and any help is greatly appreciated guys, maybe I should not have included the “/htdocs” part in the code but actually I try it both ways and still does not work :frowning:


special characters should only be encoded in the text and not on HTML tags

wrong (click on the image to enlarge it)


edit that HTML file and enter the correct syntax
<a href="Community%20Leaders%20Free%20Resources.pdf"> Click here for the pdf file called Community Leaders Free Resources.</a>

also htdocs folder is a root folder and should not be specified in the URL …
means the correct URL for that pdf file is (without htdocs)

For editing that HTML file you can use file manager from client area ( MonstaFTP )

Why in these URLs is contained %20 ???
because there is a rule:
URLs cannot contain spaces.URL encoding normally replaces a space with a plus (+) sign or with %20.


Ok OxyDac thanks so much for getting me started … still not quite getting it but I think I’m closer. Like I said, my team is epitome of computer-dumb so I am blatantly stating each obvious step below to see if there’s some obvious blunder you pick up on why it’s still not going thru, your time means alot to me thanks in advance!!!

  1. I made and saved our word file into a PDF on my computer in a folder within another folder, it is literally called “Community Leaders Free Resources.pdf” (and if it helps you any, the location within my own computer to it is: C:\Users\build\Documents\FINAL DOC’S

  2. Okay, now I must upload PDF file (on infinity free using MONSTAH for File Upload) I click into /htdocs folder which has the little upload button that I upload my PDF file called “Community Leaders Free Resources.pdf”

  3. Then when you say “edit HTML file” what I think you mean (I may be wrong) is right at the moment I uploaded our file in MONSTAH called “Community Leaders Free Resources.pdf” I am now immediately rename it to be this below instead of the nomral name “Community Leaders Free Resources.pdf” :

here for the pdf file called Community Leaders Free Resources.

And after that for WEBSITE where users click on I must cut and paste this:

Click here for the pdf file called Community Leaders Free Resources.

It still isnt working, I feel like I’m making a major obvious error… sorry if I am!

it is not a problem in your pdf file
problem is in source code of this HTML file for-your-people--community-leaders-free-resources.html

  1. use monstaFTP and find that HTML file
  2. right click on it and select EDIT
  3. find the problematic code (I gave it to you)
  4. then edit the code as I stated before
  5. SAVE

OR take this one and upload instead of existing one
for-your-people–community-leaders-free-resources.html (17.3 KB)


You are amazing – I wish I knew what you knew OxyDac thanks a million!!!

NP and YW
It is not so difficult to know at least such things :slight_smile:
but time needs to be invested which many do not want.

By my intuition I think this happened to you:
you did copy/paste from somewhere in your web page builder
but it’s not that smart and you weren’t paying attention either…so that link was made and treated as plain text and special characters were encoded by the program which of course broke the function of that as a link. Always uses the link/hyperlink or URL option/properties/button for such things in your builder or IDE.


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