Cannot upload files

“error during FTP upload; permission denied” via File Manager (yes, i’m in htdocs folder)
using private FTP app it says “upload not allowed” after i have succesfully connected to the FTP.

Hello there,

Could you please check this Knowledge Base article first?

Also there is currently an ongoing issue with the FTP so you might want to check this announcement out:

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i saw that error before, with another account, but it is not what is going on now. i can log in and see the files, but this is a new account. i had this account before, i guess i didn’t use it? they deleted it. i remade it over again.

On which account do you experience this issue?

it is on the account

I just uploaded a file to the account of with our file manager and I didn’t get any error and the file uploaded successfully. Do you still experience this issue?

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yes. i still have the same issue. i see the file you uploaded - test.html? it says “hello world”. i can log in via either file manager or 3rd party FTP and see the files, but either one gives me “permission denied” error when i try to upload.

Yes, that’s the file I uploaded using our file manager.

What kind of files are you trying to upload actually? Maybe the type of files are being rejected, which could explain why I can upload my file and you can’t upload yours.


Try using Filezilla, and as @Admin said, it depends on your file.

I’m just trying to upload basic HTML, lol. I don’t think a different FTP program will help, because my other accounts work just fine using the ones I have. Maybe I’ll give it a shot…