Can't access to FTP


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its going on for more then a day,my program that uses FTP doesnt work and i thought it was some code error, but after trying to log in with FileZilla or their FileManager it throws me out
FileZilla says :

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Response: 421 2900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry
Error: Could not connect to server
And their Filemanager says Could Not read line from socket
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Ok, How can I resolve this issue if I can’t login “File Manager”, also I showing today all topic’s have same problem

Worst thing is ill have presentation about program tomorrow and i need to have server…Admin is jumping out of conversation,they dont reply

@Admin please help us all

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Same problem here… been out of blue for 3 hrs already. :worried: It would have been better if admin had reacted upon it.

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according to someone else, its been like this for a whole day now

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This problem started for me last night. Cannot connect properly to ftp server from any client (standalone nor web based). This is really annoying as like other people I have deadlines.

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someone plz call admin if you got the number.


got my domain suspended now… Holy crap! :laughing:

Same problem here… @Admin help us please… :pray:

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same problem here. Admin pls help!!!

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OMG am also having the same problem and my domain also got suspended, @admin please do something or tell us when all this is going to be over

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it was same yesterday and today…

Online file manager, FTP accounts, SSL / TLS, CloudFlare, Softaculous Apps Installer does not work the rest did not check.

Same for me

I signed up on a bad day :cry:

Admin has posted about this topic, see:

For more info. Long story short, they are working on it.

Wow thats so bad.

to experience this in the first day

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