Can't connect to database

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I can’t log-in to my Database using phpMyAdmin, I get the following error: This page isn’t working
**IP Address ** redirected you too many times.

I’m using this software: cPanel with the free infiinityFree plan. I’m opening it from a web browser. Chrome

Opening my database from cPanel
Additional information:
I have tried the suggestions on this link:
I’m using the correct password since I’m logging into my cPanel through the client area, and I also tried logging out then in again with the correct password and I entered the cPanel.
It seems that this is a problem with the MySQL server specifically.

Maybe there are some broken permissions in the database; that is not a problem with the server. Wait until Admin tries to enter phpMyAdmin and, if the permissions are broken, tries to fix them and gets the results. If not please make sure you are using the right database host [not localhost, but what should like].

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Thanks for your reply.
Can I check the permissions myself or must the Admin do it?

The connection now is working, I haven’t changed anything in my cPanel or hosting panel, but now I can access the database.
It’s possible that some cookies were deleted automatically, but I really don’t understand what’s the benefit of deleting cookies, If I can log out then log in again with the correct credentials.

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