Can't deactive

I’m trying to use the Deactivate Account button but it’s generating a Javascript error – unfortunately not letting me deactivate. See console ouput:

Uncaught SweetAlert: Unexpected 2nd argument (function () {
t.throwErr @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:4429
(anonymous) @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:5995
p @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:5996
(anonymous) @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:6006
t.getOpts @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:6005
s @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:5563
(anonymous) @ edit:511
dispatch @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:2052
m.handle @ tabler-core.js?id=66edd66a2dbae8549b91:formatted:1990

Can you show a screenshot of this error message please?

These is none beside the console output. Nevertheless…

There are no domains attached to my account now, but this is the account username: epiz_28990119

There might be something wrong as another user is reporting this as well. Hopefully Admin will be able to get it fixed (I’m not sure if this is something he can fix, or if iFastNet has to fix it.

If it helps… the “Edit Account” page severely hangs compared to everything else currently.

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I can confirm this is an issue as well, I cannot deactivate an account either. Since the client area seems to have been upgraded, hopefully Admin is aware of the issue.

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