Cant find Public Html in C panel file manager

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

public_html = htdocs in this hosting.


Thank you, now when I go to my website with wordpress php admin it redirects me to a suspended .com website…ifastNet hosting…What happen, what is the problem?

what is your site url?

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I checked and it throws “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” instead of redirecting to or similar addresses like that. So, maybe your WordPress installation is corrupted, or a plugin had failed the installation and caused the site to not work. If that’s the former, follow the instructions present on this article; if that’s the latter go with a FTP client on htdocs/wp-content/plugins, remove the corrupted plugin folder, then download a fresh zip of the plugin you’re trying to install from Plugins Repository by searching the plugin you want to install, clicking on it and then on “Download Now”, extract the zip file on your computer and upload the extracted folder on htdocs/wp-content/plugins always with a FTP client.
And also remember to purge your browser cache.

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