Can't get listener.php to work with paypal

Hey guys!

I managed to get this ipn simulator to work with my other host but can’t seem to get my database to update after using the paypal development tool here with the following code: I get a 403 error when trying to paste my code here…Do you guys support listener.php?

There is a bot protection system which ensures that you can only access your website when visiting it with a web browser. This means any APIs or webhooks are not going to work. This is most likely the reason your PayPal IPN are not being received as well.

Just my bad luck then but I am doing a piano business and need to set up a paypal payment system. I can’t do it here? If I set it to the live version , can my customers still pay me with paypal?

you need to upgrade to premium

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I think you can’t just jump on live if you haven’t passed Dev (sandbox tests)
It would also be dangerous for clients…

I guess you have to upgrade

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Just my luck because this looks like a very good freehost and yet I can’t use paypal…

can someone confirm this because I might need to try another webhost then… How would cloudfare recognise my other webhost?

Cloudflare won’t recognize your other webhost. Cloudflare will only send the traffic to your other webhost if you tell Cloudflare to send the traffic there. You will need to edit the DNS records in Cloudflare in order to redirect the traffic.

thanks and can you confirm that it does’t support ipn or api admin?

There must be a way to integrate paypal to free webhost? I am confused here because I am sure that there is a way for other people who have a free webhost to do this… to receive payment from paypal

Is there any other way for this to work? Do we need listener or api or ipn for a customer to purchase lesson plan? Can we just add a paypal button? Isn’t a button good enough for a site?

You don’t need IPN to accept payments with PayPal. The IPN stuff is only required if you process the payment status locally, and need to instantly be notified if the payment status ever changes. It’s a useful features, but in no way required as far as I know.

But you can still setup a payment button without IPN and send a visitor to PayPal to submit a payment for what they ordered. And you might even be able to verify that the payment was received if you use the PayPal API.

How does paypal API work, does it still allow me to update my database? because I know that in IPN, i could get some information to update it

I’ve never used PayPal’s API by hand. But I have used it through an awesome library called OmniPay which I don’t recall used the IPN system and could check the status of existing payments.

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