Can't swap domain to other account

I previously registered a domain name by changing nameservers to byet ones with one of my accounts and it worked fine. I now want to move that domain to a different account I own (new website version).

I have removed the domain ( from the old site (epiz_29314871) and also deactivated it. I then tried adding the domain to the new site (epiz_29762087) but it says the domain is still in use and I cannot add it.

I just checked that account, and the domain is not removed from it.

So please reactivate the account, go into the control panel, remove the domain, and then deactivate the account again. As soon as you clicked the delete button for the domain on the old account, you can immediately use it on your new one.


Thanks that works now :), one more question - it has now created a directory public_html/ but I am currently serving my files on the default htdocs. How do I create a redirect in the htaccess file from public_html/ → public_html/htdocs/

If you removed the domain “” that is not possible.

The domain is added back to the new account.

Add this to a .htaccess file inside the /htdocs folder

RedirectMatch 301 ^/(.*)$$1

Replace with your new domain

Which htaccess? My new domain is just giving a 404…

Create a new .htaccess file in the /htdocs folder of the old domain. Add the code above to it, and remember to replace with you new domain. Also, please double-check your nameservers on

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I think its the wrong way around, I want to serve on the new domain with domain B’s files. Except the solution proposed just redirects the old to new? Or have I done something wrong as it is still 404 ing

.htaccess rules can be used to control how files on your website are loaded, but there are limits to what you can do with them. You can’t use .htaccess rules to load files from other websites.

If you want to load the files from the main htdocs folder, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • You can remove the domain from the Addon Domains list and add it to the Parked Domains. There, you can choose to park it on the domain that’s currently linked to the htdocs folder. That way, both domains will load the files from that folder.
  • You can move or copy the files from the htdocs folder to the folder.

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