Can't understand SSL creation

I would like to put a ssl on my website, but can’t understand the process. I have requested a SSL from Gogetssl and it now shows as pending.
However I am having difficulty configuring the Cname record

The instructions say 1. Copy the value of the Record Name row, and paste it to the Record Name field in the control panel. >i have done this and the CNAME record, with a destination ending at . When I click the add button, I get an error saying 'illegal characters. I notice that the record name row starts with an underscore, so I removed this and the it is now recorded in the custom cname record.

This was a week ago and Gogetssl still shows pending, what I I done wrong or what should I do next

Does the “destination” field start with any spaces? Those are illegal characters and they are easy to copy. Make sure neither the source nor destination contain space(s).

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it starts with an underscore, which I have removed, which allowed the record to be added. That was a week ago and still pending

Don’t remove anything, that will mess it up. Try generating a new certificate.

Here is a list with all the detailed steps published by infinity free from the generation of the certificate to the CNAME in the control panel. (With the certificate, you can save it)

If what you want is to put one of infinityfree, I recommend that you follow the guide. Otherwise, you want to generate your own, you will have to go for an ssl provider.

If you have any, activated or half activated, I recommend that you delete it and start over.

That’s because the underscores are valid characters, and are necessary for the SSL challenge to complete.

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Thank you everyone I now have a SSL certificate installed and working. I see it expires in three months, do I have to repeat the process then to renew the certificate? Thanks again for all of your help

Yes, you’ll have to repeat the process.

With GoGetSSL, you’ll need to setup a different CNAME record in three months, with Let’s Encrypt and ZeroSSL you don’t (and can just click Request SSL Certificate right away, assuming you didn’t remove the previous CNAME record).

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