Cant upload CNAME

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I cant upload CNAME

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Its back online,but i still can’t do it.

Use cloudflare. They also offer a full dns management (txt records, mx records, and much more), free let’s encrypt ssl with auto-renew for free, cloud apps, much better loading speeds and much more!

You have to change your nameservers only. InfinityFree will continue to work with cloudflare.

Also fun fact: over 14% of all sites on the internet uses cloudflare and this number continues to grow daily!

Fact: I use edge, and couldflare dosent recognise it.

You are not using cloudflare. Change your nameservers to use the best dns provider in the world.

Im using IF servers

But ill try it

Use cloudflare

You do NOT need Cloudflare to add CNAME records. If you still want it, please follow the guide below.


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