Change File Manager

current file manager (Monsta) gives a lot of error every 2 operations, could you please change it? Maybe you can replace it with extplorer or elFinder.

Only The Staff Can Do That.

i mean. Ifastnet admins should change it or at least allow us to use multiple file managers (we had this feature on April and probably May)

i support the multiple file managers.

@ClicketyClacketyClic do you mean ifastnet staff?

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You Could Use Online FTP Clients Or FTP Clients Like FileZilla.

Yes IFastnet Staff

I mean. someone should suggest this on ifastnet community :confused:

hAHAHA IFastnet’s Official Forum Is So Bad, Their Paid Hosting Forum, But Get This IFastnet Does Not Use Discourse While The Free Hosting Version Of IFastnet Uses Discourse :rofl:

and i’m telling it again. who knows? Ifastnet has more stuff than Infinity free :grinning:

I Know But Why Don’t IFastnet’s Forum Uses Discourse :rofl:
Like :
IFastnet : I Have Way More Features
Infinityfree : Well I Have Less Feature But Free !
IFastnet’s Forum Software : Not Discourse
Infinityfree Forum Software : Discourse HAHAHA

should we move here? :grinning:

i not want admin warns us for twice

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And, seen that your link is not correct, here is the correct link to go in that topic.

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Since the file managers just use FTP, it’s actually possible for me to offer file managers outside of iFastNet. I’ve been offering MonstaFTP as an alternative since long before iFastNet had it. And even offered a partially in-house built file manager.

That said, I’m glad iFastNet has switched to MonstaFTP because, at least in my experience, it’s a rock solid application.

What sort of errors do you get with MonstaFTP? And could you try our own installation at and check if you get the same errors?


I wasn’t particularly impressed by this software myself since I last tried it, and development on it seems to be quite low on the ground.


Doesn’t even support FTP. That doesn’t have to be a show stopper though: Hostinger offered this as an option at some point by uploading a copy of the file manager to the website with a rudimentary authentication solution. But it was removed at some point, which IIRC was because of security issues.


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