Change PHP Server Configuration Info (For ClipBucket)

Howdy, I’m not very good at PHP so I might just be missing something but I am having trouble changing the Php Server Configuration Info. I’m installing a Softaculous app called ClipBucket and the app says I need to change the Post Max Size, Upload Max Filesize and Max Execution Time. I tried adding a php.ini file to the ClipBucket folder but it doesn’t seem to do anything. This is the contents of the file I made.
post_max_size = 55M
upload_max_filesize = 55M
max_execution_time = 9200
If you guys can help me out that would be great :slight_smile:

You can’t change these PHP values, nor can you use custom php.ini for that, on free hosting. They are set respectively to 20M, 10M and 20 to prevent spam from entering our servers. Also, if you want to host a video hosting website, that’s not possible on free hosting. You should consider using your own servers for that.


Okay, thank you.

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