Change settings on PHP.ini

Hello admin. I know we are not allowed to access this “PHP.ini” file but can you change the memory limit from 128 to 512, please? because of this, I can’t use the elementor pro anymore. I’m stuck on the blue wheel of death. this memory limit needs to increase its limit. I already change the memory limit on my wp-config.php file but the issue is still not resolved.

Please upgrade to premium hosting then. Free hosting is free for a reason


The free hosting limits are fixed and cannot be increased. Free hosting only gives you limited server space and power, so it’s not suited for more complex websites.

If you can afford to pay $59 per year for Elementor Pro, you can also afford to pay $19.99 per year for a premium hosting account. And if you didn’t pay that for Elementor Pro, then please note that pirated software is prohibited on our hosting, so we’re definitely not going to support you in running illegal software with us.


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