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Username epiz_29688390

I have recently set up this account on behalf of someone else, but inadvertently used my own forum name. Now it seems I cannot change the forum name for a year, but I want to hand the account over as soon as the website is set up.

Please can an admin change the forum name for me, from MaccHistorian to MaccStEd? Thanks very much in anticipation.

If you installed it with Softaculous, just go there and you can probably change it.
Which forum are you using?

It clearly stated that the username cannot be changed for the next year. You should have read it and taken it seriously. Well, you can create another account (another email address) for him or he can do so on his own!

@wackyblackie, she meant to change the user used for this forum!

I thought the username would only appear on the forum, and the person I am setting the account up for will not use the forum. However, my forum username appears in the top right of the screen as soon as I log in to the hosting account. I thought they were two separate things. There’s no need to be rude.

My apologies. You have to change the person Name in the settings. Not the username!

Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t see where to do that. If I click where it says MaccHistorian and then click ‘edit’, it tells me that MaccHistorian is my forum name and can’t be changed.

Umm, yes sorry. It cannot be changed, until the next year. I suggest you create another account perhaps?

Not after spending three days setting up the website on this account. I think having to wait a year to change an account name is a bit excessive tbh.
Thanks anyway.

Maybe, lets just say a protective measure.

It’s a measure to prevent people from constantly changing their usernames. Initially, it was set once and could not be changed afterwards, but now there is a small window to change it.

People creating accounts and then handing them off is not really a situation we actively support.

So there are two things you can do:

  • Sign up for a new profile, create a new hosting account there and migrate the website to it (you can just copy the files and databases, no need to rebuild the website from scratch).
  • Accept that the client area has a little reference to you on the account you handed off, and that the person you’re handing it off to can change it later.
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