CHMOD File Permission on 000

Admin had already told that it’s locked to everyone. On a similar topic


Thank you for the lightning fast response!

So I must create another account in my ClientArea, upload all the whole files correctly a second time and then I could just get rid of my old account? I basically wrecked my whole account?

Not whole account. But then you cannot host your WordPress files there. You’ve to create new account for that


Ok, I see.
Thanks again!
Should anyone come up with a different solution, let me know.
Have a great weekend, everybody!

I believe only admin can help with that as you changed permissions to 000 that’s mean now only the root user can solve your problem.



I mean root user (iFastNet)

Nope, from google;

chmod 000 denies read, write, and execute permission to yourself, your group, and everyone else.

The only way to recover 000 is to clone the machine and mount the disk and change permissions, and i don’t think public hosting servers have time to unmount, poweroff remount startup and change a bunch of things, personally when i accidentally chmod something 000, i just fresh install


so same thing happened to me about 20 minutes ago i can understand your feeling.
until admins can / will revert this for us if you still want a fix for it you can create a different folder
eg in my case its images folder create another one with imgaes1 name and change any code that includes images/ to images1/ and re-upload the contented of the old locked folder to that new one
hope this helps

Edit: seems you can still rename folders this means you dont have to change any code just rename the locked folder and create a new folder using the old name and re-upload your content to that new one


Unfortunately I couldn’t.

But I’ve got another question, now that I created a new account. The content is online and working with a sub domain. But my old original domain won’t connect to this account.

Error Adding Domain…

This could be due to already adding the domain to this or another account or, you have not changed the nameservers as required or not enough time has passed since changing the nameservers…

Now, it would be very logical to have the first problem. The second problem wasn’t an issue last time, after I waited two days after changing the nameservers. But by now I waited more then a week.

But say it’s the first problem (already adding the domain to another account). I already deleted the domain from the first account. It didn’t help. Any other ideas? Would it help to delete the first account? I hesitate to try that, because maybe no other account will ever work with that domain again.

Tell me, should you need any data in order to help me!

So… what’s the domain name? I can try to check the status of a domain, but I need more than an anonymized error message to do that.


Yes absolutely.

The domain is
It’s purchased and name-server-ed on

Looking at the DNS records for your domain, it doesn’t appear to have any nameservers at this time. This is what the current DNS status for your domain is. If it doesn’t say in it anywhere, it means the nameservers are not present.

Can you please check with Freenom to make sure your nameservers are set correctly?

This seems to be a recurring issue with Freenom. I don’t know exactly when or why some domains lose all nameservers like this. It might have something to do with domain suspensions, but I don’t know. In any case, only Freenom can help you solve this.


Thank you!
I take this as the definite statement that the problem is with Freenom and not with Infinityfree.
To know that is helping a lot!

For everyone having the same problem with Freenom: I just added some more nameservers to my domain (namely NS1.BYET.ORG and NS2.BYET.ORG) and for some reason it is working now!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the help!

That would not help, but in fact make it worse if you haven’t removed one nameserver or the other. You either keep the epizy or the byet, not both. It will confuse and complicate things more.

These aren’t the InfinityFree nameservers. Please remove them and add our ones

More info:

These are our nameservers.


Technically any nameserver in the ns1,ns2,ns3,ns4, would work, Just and just make the system add, however It does matter as and are different IP’s, and so cannot be substituted.

4 Likes nameservers are largely synonymous with nameservers, but are having issues and may cause external DNS checks to fail, or your website to be down in parts of the world. That’s why we highly, highly recommend to use nameservers only.

Please contact Freenom, because if they block nameservers, that’s a big problem on their end which they should definitely fix.


I have a new problem. (Hope it’s ok for me to recycle this post over and over) And it’s the most frustrating so far, because I have lost data, which is a lot work.

What I did: I tried to remove one of the byet nameservers (while having a good working system. But I was running into issues while getting a SSL certificate. So I gave that a try). Immediately I lost the database connection. So I put the nameservers back to what was working for me earlier and waited.

What the result was: I checked the domain and it was still included in my InfinityFree-account. So what else can cause an Error Establishing Database Connection?
I checked the database: in wp_options was my subdomain ( instead of the actual Weird. I had changed that right after I had had that domain working (around 2 weeks ago). Changed it back to normal. No connection still.
I checked the File Manager: the wp-config.php wasn’t even updated to my new Infinityfree account. What? So I corrected the user name, password etc. Now I was able to access WordPress again.
There I changed every other connection with the subdomain to the correct domain. And saved settings. The website was now back to working normal.
But now all the posts that I added in the last two weeks where missing too.
I checked the File Manager. There are new uploads (pictures) in the July-Folder that where certainly not there two weeks ago. That’s a good sign.
But back at the database: No signs of that new posts.

So how weird is that? I’ve got files in my File Manager that are seemingly up to date, while the wp-config.php is not. I have a throwback of my database by at least two weeks, which destroyed quite a few posts. (One of which I have no backup whatsoever. The other ones are raw an outdated. Yeaah. Not wise, I know.) And all of that as a result of playing around with the Freenom-nameservers??

Should you resolve this mystery or not, my main question is: Do you have any ideas for me, how I could get my painstakingly crafted posts back!?