Cloudflare error 1016

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Whenever i try to acces my website i get this error, i did all the instrutions
that it says but i am still getting this error.

I’m using this software:
I am using Cloudflare , and my own domain

Additional information:

I have added all the infinityfree nameservers to my domain name registrar which is hostinger
ns1 byet org
ns2 byet org
ns3 byet org
ns4 byet org
and i have enabled Cloudflare through the cpanel.

You aren’t now using CloudFlare, because as I can see the SSL certificate is not valid and I can see the ?i=1 in the loading of your page. Try signing up to CloudFlare clicking me and use another email to enable CloudFlare. Then add your domain, select the Free plan and change the nameservers from ns1 to to the CloudFlare ones. Then after adding your domain on CloudFlare make sure the SSL option is set to “Full” and wait for some time. After that you should be able to access your site via https and you don’t have a CloudFlare error 1016.

Hello Ergastolator1 i have did all what you mentioned i disabled the cloudflare from the Infinityfree cpanel and sign up to cloudflare using another account, changed my registrat nameservers to cloudflares name servers and set the ssl option to full the website is working fine i am not getting that error tho i am still getting the ?i=1 in my link and you please help me know what caused it? and the ssl certificate dosent seem to be active on my website . i enabled the always use https in the page rules too . can you help me?

Make sure the grey cloud on all DNS records is orange (to change the color of the cloud just click on it), otherwise there will be the same results as before, and wait at least 24 hours or just configure on your device.

Here are my dns records they are all orange by default i didnt change anything just added the mx record . and the website is still not secure, ill wait for 24 hours and see what happens hope it dosent take alot of time.

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