Cloudflare subdirectory as domain

I have a folder in my site
I want cloudflare to use to load . It is not a redirect. will load .
I don’t want to create a subdomain with infinityfree. That will have a different directory & htdocs. I just want this url to represent a directory in my site that already exists.

Well can anyone tell me, is it possible that will load files from by cloudflare. Not redirect. Domain shown in browser and web address will be . but it will show files from

It’s technically possible to run a proxy service which is accessed through one domain name but sends requests with another domain name to the backend server. However, both Cloudflare and we don’t provide this as an option, nor do I know of any services that can do this.

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I want a subdomain ie. . But infinityfree is not allowing it. So I create a subdomain . I thought I can use cloudflare to create and use that as proxy.
BTW is it possible to create anyway?
please let me. w8ing 4 reply.
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You can just create subdomains of your own domains through the Subdomains section. You’ll find your own domains at the bottom of the list.

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All subdomain works for my own domain like , ,
But when i try it gives an error message.
Well I found a community post where it was said that some words like “mail” etc. are blocked as subdomain. Why does this error occour? I would really appreciate if u create this subdomain on behalf of me from backend.
Thank you.

Yes, support is a reserved or blacklisted keyword for subdomains. That means you cannot create subdomains with that name.

And I’m sorry, but we don’t make account specific exceptions on free hosting. If you need something which is not available on free hosting, you may need to upgrade to premium hosting to get it.

EDIT: Let’s not discuss the same issue in multiple topics: Subdomain is not creating


Oh I am sorry. I thought u guys missed the 1st one, so I reposted. I am sorry, I won’t do that again

However I clearly said,

And you replied

instead of saying that is not possible, which actually gave birth to the confusion
Anyway I am sorry. I’ll use supports instead of support, just a little compromise. Oopsie! supports is also not supported LOL. Ok I’ll use help XD . Still thanks a lot for your hard work. Infinityfree is still the best and is almost equivalent and to most of the premium and paid hosts.

Best regards <3

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