Clouflare help

I would like to know how to use cloudflare in infinityfree. I also would like to know if it is possible, with cloudflare of the panel, to add a SRV dns type.

You can use our control panel integration (not recommended in general, and not usable if you want custom DNS records), or just sign up with Cloudflare and follow their setup wizard, just like you would with every other hosting provider.

Just make sure to add your domain name to your hosting account BEFORE setting up Cloudflare, because you can’t add your domain name later.


But I can’t understand a thing… If I would like to use infinityfree and cloudflare at the same time, I can’t. The nameservers must be only of infinityfree or only of cloudflare. If I use both, the domain won’t go all over the world.
Sorry if the concept was easy, but I’m not english, so I can’t understand some things.

We recommend to use our nameservers, and only our nameservers. However, that does means your DNS controls are quite limited, meaning you can’t setup SRV records.

If (and only if) you feel comfortable managing your own DNS records, you can any other nameservers you want, with two important conditions:

  • In order to add a domain name to your account, it MUST point to our nameservers. Only after the domain name is added, you can move it to your own nameservers.
  • You are responsible for setting up your own DNS records correctly and for keeping them up to date. If you break it, it’s up to you to fix it.

You’re right, using multiple nameservers at the same time is definitely a bad idea. But you can use external nameservers and stop using ours.


Thanks a lot!

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