Cname for domain name

site visually works. need ssl. https for site or pages.

my domain name points to your name servers.

using my own cms site.

my domain is registered elsewhere. this is what they told me:
The domain, mine, isn’t using our nameservers, so you can’t add a CNAME record for it from the control panel. This can be done from its DNS provider. The nameservers that are currently set for my site r from your name servers.

i’ve looked at the ssl information u provide. i have no idea how to proceed since i’m told the the above. sry for the troubles and please instruct what i need to do to get an ssl ticket to have secure pages. thank u very much! sorry for the confusion.

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If you want an SSL certificate, the best way is to go to the SSL Certificates section in our control panel and go through the steps there to request and install an SSL certificate. Links to relevant knowledge base articles are placed across the flow to help you with some of the more complicated steps, so be sure to look around for any Read More or Learn More links if you’re getting stuck.

If you can’t find the required information, can you please share in which step you’re getting stuck and why?


in the vista panel/cpanel, under security, ssl/tls, i go to configure option.
i generate key and csr.
i upload.
part of the page says; “you then supply these to the ssl signer who will then issue a certificate that you must upload in the Certificate box to complete the SSL activation.”
that’s where i’m lost.

I’m sorry, we still need to update the SSL installation article in our knowledge base. While the instructions still work, they don’t apply to the SSL certificates we generate.

When using our certificates, you don’t need to generate a private key and CSR from the control panel. Instead, you need to upload the Private Key from the client area to the Private Key field in the control panel, and then do the same for the Certificate.

This is actually explained under the section “Installing an existing certificate” in this article.


tyvm for the research. i’ve been scrambling and trying all kinds of things to get ssl. will review what u say.

can u pls delete this thread or at least remove my website’s address from this thread as it is being reported as a poor backlink to my site.

  • thank u!

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