Constant CPU usage limotts

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Website CPU usage limits met for a third time.

I’m using this software: Wordpress with elementor.

Additional information: This is the third/fourth time this has happened. The first time it happened was the first day I started the site, when there was nearly no content on the site, the only software installed was wordpress and elementor. Over the last few days this has happened several times, and when I check the usage graphs, there seems to be sudden jumps in the CPU usage, but I am unsure why? I am considering upgrading with iFastNet, however, I am worried that even if I chose to upgrade, I would still experience the same issues. I haven’t actually got that much content on the website, and I have three users, but the site has only been accessed by me, I am currently the only visitor to view it. I also compress all my images into a jpg format, and I am using cloudflare CDN. I need to know why this keeps happening.

Maybe Cloudflare is interfering with the site. However, if you choose to upgrade to Premium Hosting, there aren’t any limits, so you can use WordPress with more server power! You can even ask iFastNet via a ticket from their ticket system to migrate the website from free hosting to they, saving a hassle of time and not having to worry about suspensions at all, because they can do it at every time! And obviously, with Premium Hosting, you have free SSL and Cloudflare Railgun, so your website loads faster than ever with an optimization never seen before!

I wish I could tell you more, but we don’t have very detailed statistics about CPU usage on free hosting to help you figure out why exactly your CPU usage is high.

There are still CPU limits on premium hosting, but you probably won’t run into the same problem because:

  • The CPU limits are much higher than on free hosting.
  • The CPU usage is calculated in a different way.
  • You get detailed graphs (per hour instead of per day) regarding your CPU usage, as well as “resource snapshots” which can happen what was going on with your site when the CPU usage was high.

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