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I already found an explanation from Admin here on forum about this problem but I fail to understand what exactly should be done. I have the free plan and I’m trying to get my website contact form to send emails to my Gmail account. This is a quote from a previous Admin message that I hope you would be able to clarify:

“Use an external SMTP service to send the email. You could for example using Gmail SMTP to send the email. To use an external SMTP service with the site builder, right click the contact form, click Properties, then go to the Email Settings tab.”

What is this site builder? I can’t find such on my cPanel and I’ve coded my whole site in Atom and uploaded with FileZilla. Can anyone help with this, please?

The site builder is a ready-made template that you can customize to get the website ready in no time.
For the question “what can I use to send emails with my contact form configured using HTML and CSS?” the answer is:
Try creating a POST PHP file, that contains the PHPMailer script and has SMTP configured with the host tls://, your Gmail ID and password (note that to work with Gmail, you will need to enable Less Secure Apps and remove the CAPTCHA requested to every login. Then define variables for any of the fields in your contact form sent using the POST method using a supervariable on PHP (example: $test1 = $_POST['test1'];) and on the subject of the message put “New Message” and on the body of it put this:
"Sender: $username <$email>
Message: $message". Here’s an example on how to configure PHPMailer, but you can configure it as your needs.

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Thank you very much for your help! I will try this, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Just for the record, the “site builder” was a feature which we used to offer in the past. We had a drag and drop sitebuilder which allowed you to build a basic website without coding. It has a lot of problems, so we don’t offer it anymore, but of course there are still a lot of posts referring to it.

Nevertheless, if you see any instructions on how to configure software which you’re not using, it’s generally safe to ignore it.

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