Control Panel and FTP Down

It seems that there was another outage last night which lasted around an hour. That’s all back up again though.

The file manager was down for a longer time, but is also back up now.


Just a few reminders for anyone who is thinking of replying to this topic:

  • This is an outage topic, which means the outage communication rules apply to it. Please read them.
  • This issue was about various core services, most notably the control panel, being down and responding with Connection Timed Out errors.
  • Web servers and database servers were not affected, no websites were down because of this issue.
  • This issue mostly occurred on the 18th of February and has been pretty much resolved now.
  • Any other errors, such a input validation errors, security errors, or whatever else you see, are not related to this outage and do not belong in this topic. Please search the forum for related topics or posts, or create a new topic in Hosting Support. As always, off topic spam will be flagged and deleted without warning.