Cpanel currently not working

click “control panel” taken to > VP Login


This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.


Same issue here, my site is also down -

It’s an on-and-off thing, all epizy domains appear to be experiencing issues. cPanel worked like about 10 hours or so ago, now it’s not. There’s also another thread regarding the same issue that started on the 1st of this month. Let’s just hope it will all be resolved soon.

I have the same issue I attempted a work around by locating the IP address of the control panel but when trying to login that way get error

It appears you are accessing the panel from an invalid address

im having the same issue on mine

Don’t know why this is not working but try going on and use your login


is this legit?

Still outage for cPanel and access
Very annoying :unamused:

Yep, It is valid as well as one.

Edit: i’ve no idea why do you click the link.

ill wait for an admin to confirm before i go entering details:)

It is ok, However he’s only who can explain us why that is legit! (and not phishing) :smile:

or Probably that issue solves before he come, Who knows.

Well, hope that this admin is not go for the weekend :roll_eyes:

He is not always active at this community (Unlike me). But he’s still here to help people :slight_smile:

Edit: He’s here now.

He finally posted something again about this issue. For everyone: please see this topic for more information about this problem and how to solve it.


Same issue :frowning:

Hi Guys, the same thing happens to me. I can’t access the cPanel and my web doesn’t go. Error 1016 appears. • Origin DNS error

I’m sorry for the late response. I should have system in place to notify me about issues like these faster, but for some reason they failed to reliably detect the domain name was gone.

I bumped the old topic shared by @Ergastolator1 since the issue is largely the same and the workarounds still apply. Please see that post for more information.



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