How to reproduce: open infinityfree accounts page -> try to open control panel -> redirects you to -> site in question returns [ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED] error.


I am also having this problem… Admins please help

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Use instead.


This helps to access the CPanel. But what about the subsites defined on When will they be available again?

Yeah. until this issue solves.

We are affected too.
Seems like general DNS problems on their domain

If you change the DNS to “”, it works.

Surely this does not help for productive hostings.
But it’s an indication that some of their DNS servers is not working

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Do not use this, it’s a phising site!

What makes you to think it is?


No, is not a phishing site. But Google has blacklisted the entire domain in their Safebrowsing system. Ironically, this prevents us from collecting the reports on the actual domain names they have marked as malicious.

If you would prefer to avoid that domain, you can also use:


Good Morning.

Is everything offline? Even the premium services?

Yesterday I created a test site to see if I would migrate my sites to infinitefree on premium services as they really offer what others don’t, but now I’m afraid how much.

I believe I wasted my time.

So far those responsible have not spoken, not even to say that they are having system maintenance.

I’ll wait to see if there are any explanations

No, most things are still online. Only the domain is offline.

This has some effect on other free hosting services, and people who had their free subdomain migrated to their premium account are affected by this as well.

But if you have a custom domain, you can set it up in such a way this outage doesn’t affect you at all.

If you want to know how to do that, you can learn more about that here:

Yes, I’m still waiting on a response from the people responsible. Which, for the record, is not us, but a supplier.

We don’t say there is system maintenance, because that would be lying.

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Good news: is back online - at least for my site (but it should be OK for all as well).

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