CPanel Translations

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I want to ask here a way to improve CPanel translations, maybe setting up a translation platform where users can contribute to panel translations.

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issue with Turkish one. half is English/ half is Turkish

i think it’s okay to suggest it on ifastnet community

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All the translations are bad. I don’t speak Italian or Turkish, but I do speak a few of the other languages available. All the translations are bad.

I’m going to try to see if it would be possible to setup a translation platform of some kind. After all, there are many people from all over the world who use the panel, so getting a few people together to translate the panel to their native language shouldn’t be too hard.


Really, the Portuguese translation is very poorly elaborated

Also on the Italian one I can experience some issues: some functionalities are half in English, half in badly translated Italian (I bet it was translated by robots, or not the latest version of Google Translate).

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also not latest version not translates correctly :roll_eyes:

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