Cron Jobs Not Wroking

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Cron Jobs Not Wroking

2/3 days ago I have added Cron Jobs ->8 hrs interval. after 1,2.3 day result was zero,

Last I have added same Cron Jobs ->6 hrs in my domain and sub-domain.

now my main domains cron job working but not properly (it’s executing twice in a day). and Cron Jobs for sub-domain not working.

Main Domain’s Cron Jobs Execution Result


after reading forum I can understand it’s iFastNet issue. (may be). @Admin I need solution.

Hopefully it will solved.
Thanks in Advance

I also need a solution. The cron timing makes no sense. Both the configuration page and the resulting calls are so unintelligible I have no idea how the scheduling is supposed to work and if it actually works that way.

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Please don’t @ admin.

I mentioned admin because I think only admin can solve this issue. But thank you for you reply. :grinning:

Bad News for me and others.

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