Daily hit limit more than 1m hits(impossible)

I am user epiz_24734399 with the website protypomathimata.epizy.com/
and for some unknown reason my website has been suspended because the daily hit limit has been reached. Its 110% impossible to happen as I host this website for my school.(max people 150, daily limit 50000). The weird thing is that this had happened again in the past and here is the graph of daily hit limit
Thats around 2m hits!
Any idea what is going on and can my website be activated again? Thanks!

You probably got DDOS’d. It’s common nowadays. I suggest you, using Cloudflare. Also, it should be activated after 24 hours. Or it may not (suspended forever), as it exceeded the free hosting limits. Any of this is possible


I cant add cloudflare as I use the free .epizy.com domain and cloudflare doesnt support subdomains

Just remember that hits include any file loaded from the server. This includes JS, CSS files hosted on the server, images, e.t.c, but does not include files that are externally
hosted (images loaded from imgur, JS libraries loaded from jsdelivr, e.t.c). If each page load loads in excess of 1000 files, or continuously loads files throughout the page’s lifespan, then it is for sure to hit the limit. Over 1 million hits is an extremely large figure, however. Like jaik said, it is likely that you were DDoS’d. Since it looks like cloudflare doesn’t support subdomains, and you are doing this for your school, I recommend asking for funding to get a cheap domain for your site. You could also use freenom for free domains (although you get what you pay for).

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