Database not updating

My database is not updating , I’ve tried importing it multiple times but it’s not updating the admin credentials . Please tell me how much I’ve to wait to update it !

Do you mean SQL database? And what are the admin credentials? Login and passwords?

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I’ve a website named - . It has a table called admin where it has username and password which is not taking up by the website ! I’ve imported the required sql file and it was perfectly working in my localhost . Please tell me why it’s not working after this .

Have you checked your php code, you will need PHP to communicate and access the database.

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Let’s not create multiple topics about the same issue, shall we?

I just tried to login with the admin credentials from your database (you should really consider hashing and salting your passwords instead of storing them as plain text, the password_hash and password_verify PHP functions are very useful), and it just worked for me.

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