Death of InfinityFree


You should be backing everything up anyway, regardless of weather issues are expected or not.


I’ve got it all backed up


Normal weather issues,and earthquake ,hurricane , tsunami , flood , locusts destroy , rodents …too


Well… You can’t really backup millions of websites without having a server twice as large, this is free hosting y’all be thankful for everything, the service will most likely be back up tomorrow. Don’t judge if you can’t do any better, if you really are angry at a FREE service provider that’s hosting your shitty vegan blog or a shop, then you should consider buying a Raspberry Pi Zero and trying to run your own webserver, I’d like to see you try.


I think they meant, download a copy of your own website… Not the hosting people themselves.


Or develop the site locally before deploying them. That way the only thing we should worry about is content inside database.


Yes, iFastNet Servers are going down, we can do just one thing, so we could hope for the best of infinity free. From a couple of days, the ftp is inaccessible and our all websites are down. Everything is down. We can’t do anything… anything!

@Admin I hope you would be seeking this job. From the Google’s results, approx 2-3 M websites are down and we can’t do anything for it. Please do something… my all clients and shouting on me.