Debugging errno: 1045 Debugging error: Access denied for user

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
When i try to log in or register a new user, I get the Error 1045 -Access denied for user

I’m using this software:
I used VisualStudioCode to build the pages, myPhPAdmin to create the databases.Web browser is Chrome.

Additional information:
I have checked the mySQL library’s name and my password a hundred times, and they both seem to be correct.

Did You even read my post?
I mentioned that I’ve checked both the password and database name like a hundred times.

I read it, and thought the article I posted could be of great help.

did you changed your cpanel password? by changing it. db passwords won’t change. you’ll need to wait for admin to alter your permission :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so aggressive.

Thanks, that might be the case - I did change the password.
Now, if I upload another database, will it be accessible with the new password?

i think yes. but not sure :roll_eyes:

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I checked your settings and the password is indeed incorrect. If you change the password of your hosting account, the password of all your databases will also be updated.

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Thanks for the reply, but what does that mean?
Should I re-upload the database?

You should update the password from your settings.

I re-uploaded the database and now it works with the new password, thanks for the suggestions tho.

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