linked to another account but I didn't do that

I’m trying to add the domain to my account, but it sayas it’s already linked to another account, but I own the domain and I didn’t link it to any accounts.

My website URL is: (trying to add domain to remplace it)

Maybe before someone has already created an account here and linked to your website, but I see your site using cloudflare, it’s strange.

The domain is currently in use on a hosting account at Please login to your control panel at (or the website of ProFreeHost) to access your account and remove the domain from their systems first.

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@Admin I’ve never logged in to that site, I didn’t even know it. I own my domain at freenom and have it on my account, nameservers are pointing to freenom default ones. I have no idea of what’s happening.

You gonna ask it in ProFreeHost community? We don’t know how to help you with ProFreeHost host.

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