Directory indexer - Apaxy-v2

Hello, i want to setup Apaxy on my website but due to the limitations, the .htaccess file gets deleted. Can anyone please help?

are these files is from here ?

If yes

upload this in htdocs folder


rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess
(rename also ht*.txt file in theme folder)

and visit your domain (you should see the custom icons)

Some things from that .htaccess file probably don’t work here
since it looks different to me on the local machine than it does here…

You’re probably trying to upload a .htaccess file outside the htdocs folder or it’s too big


@Oxy That’s the older version (I guess).
I downloaded it from here


it is bigger than 10KB

delete all comments in it
it might be smaller and try again

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Sure, I’ll try it out right away. Btw do you know any h5ai alternatives?

unfortunately not - because I didn’t need it
This is website hosting :slight_smile: and for the same reason visitors generally have nothing to look at or to dig through directories.

If you need it for file share and things like that then you should read TOS


@Oxy I don’t share files but, I upload photos there as I WordPress galleries doesn’t usually look good on my site.

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It should be shown thumbnails of these images to make it easier for users to navigate
and I doubt that you can achieve that from a directory listing, because everything is shown with icons.

You’d better look for some WP gallery or slider plugin which also has a direct image link or full screen mode.


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