Discord bot

I am making a discord bot for my own server and want to know if I can host it with infinityfree. I am using javascript to write the bot, if I can do this then please help me out. Dm me on discord Phoenix852#4838.

No, This host is about to host Websites, Not bot scripts.

You can use Heroku or glitch to host your bot.


Heroku is obviously not 24/7. Anyways…

You can also use glitch. There’s lot of hosts to host bot scripts. just google it.


Heroku is 24/7 now. They used to have the time limit, but you can run an entry level worker for free forever last time I checked.

But yeah, you can’t run Node.js here, you can’t run background processes here, you can’t host bots here and you can’t access the Discord API from here.