DKIM Entries on Premium hosting

I have upgraded to a premium subscription, but I am unable to add DKIM entries as TXT from my Email service provider. My payment was processed through Ifastnet. Please help me to enter DKIM TXT records in my DNS manager, all my emails sent are reaching the spam to the other parties.

If you paid iFastNet for a service, then please ask iFastNet if you need help using that service.

This is the InfinityFree forum, not the iFastNet forum. We can’t help you.

You can contact iFastNet through their support system at


When I tried to upgrade my membership from inside my account in Infinityfree, I was directed to, that is where I paid my subscription fee for the upgrade.

That is correct. InfinityFree gives free hosting, and iFastNet gives premium.

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How do I enter the DKIM entries as a TXT record now? Any help you can offer?

Ask on iFastNet’s forum:

Nobody helps on that. There are no premium users either, just MyOwnFreeHost resellers and the occasional free user.

It’s so dead I don’t know why they still keep up that website.

After waiting forever for an answer there, 99% of the time it’s just “Please make a support ticket at support portal”

If someone has premium they don’t want to spend hours waiting for a response. They expect support.

Yes. IFastNet will help you. If you get in touch with support in working hours then they respond in a minute.

Do that


Premium cPanel has a “Zone Editor” where you get full DNS controls. From there you can add the DKIM records.

But again: you purchased a premium service from iFastNet. So ask iFastNet for help.


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